After Sal had left the Sunken Flagon to work at the Crossroad Keep for the Knight Captain, Duncan had to find someone to take his place.

Luckily for him, he soon found someone, namely a half-orc woman from Damara. Her name was Brie and she was a luckless artist who had to earn her money otherwise, in this case as a waitress.

Brie moved into Sal’s old room. If she isn’t busy working, she is usually in her cabin, either drawing or procrastinating on life.

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Man and machine - July 20th 2014

Seriously, thank you guys so much ;3;

Due to very popular demand, I drew GLaDOS as a human/ android for you guys. But yeah, thanks for sticking with me, I never thought this blog would even become remotely this popular.

You guys are the best!

(I sadly had to cut the image in pieces, otherwise it would have gone blurry >.> Please click here if you want to see it in full.)

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